Clash of Clans Strategies That May Help

Clash of Clans Strategies That May Help


Games are great for a number of reasons.  First and most simply, they are fun to play.  Second, they can be a great way to master a set of skills and show your ability to adapt and succeed in a variety of situations.  From succeeding in the clan play to making on your own as a successful ruler of your village, Clash of Clans offers a great deal of content to master.  To help you in this end, below are some Clash of Clans strategies that you may find helpful.


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Symmetry is Important

There are many strategies out there that will tell you to make your base a symmetrical as possible.  However, they will rarely explain why this is important.  Symmetrical bases can help separate troops and use their path finding against them.  While a non-symmetrical base will cause troops to focus on a single wall, a symmetrical base will usually split up the troops, making it easier to defend.  Millage with this strategy will vary, and it may depend more on the symmetrical shape you end up with then whether or not it is perfectly symmetrical.



Spring Traps


Spring traps are an amazing way to take out giants.  In fact, one spring trap can take down three giants if it is placed correctly.  That being said, place your spring trap where you think giants are most likely to go.  Look at what buildings they are most likely to destroy, and try to create a perimeter that limits their possible directions.



Buildings and Boundaries


Besides the up-front benefits that buildings can provide you, they can also stop enemies from spawning.  So, when it comes to non-vital building placement, consider putting them further out to stop enemies from spawning close to your walls.  While your buildings may be out of your own defensive range, the added no-spawn area will make it significantly easier for you to find and destroy the enemy before they make their way to your core defenses.



Wizard Tower Placement


Be sure to place your Wizard Towers within range of one another.  This is vital simply because two wizard towers can be an unstoppable force when you are being attacked by a large horde.


Empty, Empty, Empty


Be sure to frequently empty your gold mines and elixir generators.  Both of these structures should not be defended, as they may be far away from the core of your defense.  Rather then trying to defend these structures, spend your time defending the storage units for processed materials instead.







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